Folklore Story Book

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Deskripsi Buku

  • Judul :
    Folkore Story Book
  • Penulis:
    Nefertiti Karismaida
  • ISBN:
  • Penerbit:
    Genta Pustaka
  • Halaman:
    80 hal
  • Sinopsis:
    This book had been made with passion. Yes, i love creative writing and have always dream of being a fictional writer, because as a child, I was sorrounded by many books. I also love drawing and sketching, as well as colouring simple pictures. That was why I made the illustration myself, I hope you like it.Above all, I made this book to preserve collection of Indonesian traditional stories. We have a lot of them; it will be a shame if our future generations will not be familiar with folklores.I hope you enjoy reading my book!
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